We went to the Metro Subway Museum in Kasai for tabiiku last month.

Before going, the Dolphin Class students looked at a subway map to see how to get to Kasai Station from Kanda Station. They figured out that we would take the Ginza Line and the Tozai Line. On the day of our tabiiku, they opened up the map and asked us teachers, “Where are we now?” The Starfish and Penguin Class students walked so nicely, even though we could not sit and rest much on the train.

 At the museum, the students were amazed to see the big machine which is used to dig train tunnels and to see all the trains. They especially enjoyed a big diorama of subways in Tokyo. They pointed to the trains and said “Yellow”, “Train”, and “Densha!”

The Dolphin students were excited to try the “Driving Simulator”. The museum staff, who are retired train operators, taught them how to drive and stop the train at the station.All the students enjoyed our trip a lot.